Here, I summarized some Counter-mechanics and counter-picks for every champion.
If you want to win a game in League of Legends, a very neccesary point is, to win your lane. So it's very helpful to know the weakness of your enemy and what really wrecks his game.

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Ahri: -
Akali: Sion, Lee Sin, Brand (Stealth Detection, AoE Damage / CC)
Alistar:  Vayne, Olaf (True Damage)
Amumu: Lee Sin, Janna, Tristana (Anti-Initiate, Counterjungling)
Anivia:  LeBlanc, Kassadin (Flash-Gapclosers, Dodging)
Ashe:  (Gapclosing, CC and Burst Damage)

  (Spell shields, Dodging)
Brand:  Morgana (CC, Burst Damage, Dodging)

  (Gapclosing, CC and Burst Damage)
Cassiopeia:  (Dodging)
Cho'Gath: Rumble, Teemo (%Life based damage)
Corki:  (Gapclosing, CC and Burst Damage)

Dr. Mundo:
  (Heal reduction, %Life based damage)

  (Stealth Detection)
Ezreal:  (Gapclosing, CC and Burst Damage)

Janna, Lee Sin, Tristana (Anti Initiate)
Fiora:  -
Fizz:  -

Janna, Lee Sin, Tristana (Anti Initiate, Hard CC)
Gangplank:  -
Garen:  (Slow, %Lifebased Damage, Harrassing)
Gragas:  -
Graves:  (Gapclosing, CC and Burst Damage)

Heimerdinger:  (Long Range)

Irelia:  Teemo (Harrassing)

Janna:  (Gapclosing, Poke Damage)
Jarvan IV:  -
Jax:  -

Karma:  Mordekaiser (Shields / CC)
Karthus: Soraka, Sion (Shields, Global Heal)
Kassadin: Cassiopeia, Sion (Hard CC, Pre-Lvl6 Harrass)
Katarina: Sion (Hard CC)
Kayle:  -
Kennen:  Janna, Lee Sin, Tristana (Anti Initiate)
Kog'Maw:  (Gapclosing, CC and Burst Damage)

LeBlanc: Sion (Pusher, Strong earlygame-champs)
Lee Sin:  (Dodging, Hard CC)
Leona:  -
Lulu: -
Lux:  (Shields, Mobility, Dodging)

Malphite:  -
Malzahar:  Gangplank (Interrupting his ultimate)
Maokai:  -
Master Yi:  (Burst Damage, Stun / Suppression)
Miss Fortune: Tristana (Gapclosing, CC, Burst Damage and Ranged Harrass)
Mordekaiser: Cassiopeia (Harrass, Kiting)
Morgana: Talon (AD Damage, Knockbacks)

Nasus:  (Strong Pre-Lvl6-Champs, Early Harrass)
Nautilus: -
Nidalee:  (Hard CC)
Nocturne: (Escape Spells)
Nunu: Janna (Anti Initiate, Stun/Fear/Silence)

Olaf:  (High Health)
Orianna:  (Dodging)

Pantheon:  -
Poppy: (Strong Earlygame-Champs)

Rammus:  (True Damage, Counterjungling)
Renekton:  -
Riven:  -
Rumble:  -
Ryze:  (Silence / Harrass)

Sejuani:  -
Shaco:  (Stealth-Detection)
Shen:  -
Shyvana:  (Hard CC)
Singed:  Galio, Gangplank (Slows)
Sion: Ryze
Sivir:  (Gapclosing, CC and Burst Damage)
Skarner:  Gangplank (Kiting, Interrupting his ultimate)
Sona:  (Gapclosing, Burst Damage)
Soraka:  (Heal Reduction, Hard CC)
Swain:  (Heal Reduction)

Talon:  (Harrass, Stealth-Detection, CC)
Taric:  -
Teemo:  (Gapclosing, CC and Burst Damage)
Tristana:  (Gapclosing, CC and Burst Damage)
Trundle:  (Kiting)
Tryndamere:  Nunu (Slows)
Twisted Fate:  -
Twitch:  Lee Sin (Stealth Detection)

Udyr:  (Slows, Kiting)
Urgot:  (Harrass, Gapclose)

Vayne: (Gapclosing, CC and Burst Damage)
Veigar: Sion (Early Harrass)
Viktor:  -
Vladimir:  (Heal Reduction, Burst Damage)
Volibear:  -

Warwick:  (Heal Reduction)
Wukong:  -

Xerath: (Gapclosing, CC)
Xin Zhao:  (Hard CC)

Yorick:  (Gapclosing, High sustain)

Ziggs:  -
Zilean: (Spell shields, sustain)

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