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Hi guys,

please do not instant-close this cause u think i m telling shit.
I found a 100% legit methode to get free gamecards.
You need about 1 hour to get ~10$ gamecard (worth it in my opinion).

I made this step-by-step guide so everyone will understand how it works and that it is no fake.

Step-by-step Guide

Here is your way to get free riot points in just one hour:

- The website you can do this with is Prizerebel. Thats a website on which you can complete offers for advertisers. Like giving your opinion to a product in a short survey or just sign up for a online game.
Here is the link:
Click on Sign Up and register yourself. (Use a your real e-mail here, won't get spammed)
Prize Rebel Site is considered to be one of the best and easiest reward sites out there. Offers are credited almost instantly and at a very high rate, compared with other sites.

- To make completing offers more easy, you can download
Roboform (saves your identities and auto fills online formulars)

- LogIn to your Prizerebel account and start completing external offers. Complete the offers which give you the most points first.

Be careful: Never use your right personal data.
You can create fake identities here: and put them into Roboform if you want.


I did it by myself and I already redeemed 2x 10$ steam card and 10$ Riot Points.
I really recommend PrizeRebel.

here are some pictures of other lucky prizerebel users:

The second guys probably spent more than just one hour in prizerebel...
But worth it - Dr. Dre for free is epic.

have fun with this methode!!

if u have questions you can contact me on facebook:

I will help you as good as I can )

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