Razer Giveaway

Penta Network Razer Giveaway

To celebrate our official website and our new facebook fanpage, we're giving away 6 Razer Items!! (Thanks to Razer and NoniNet for sponsoring them by the way)
The only thing you have to do is like our facebook fanpage and share it with your friends.

We will reveal the items at 100 facebook likes. When we reach 1.000 likes, we will randomly choose 2 winners out of our fans. Both win a Razer bundle then.

1. Like

2. Share it with your friends (We won't check that but note that you can only win when we reach 1.000 likes)

3. Check your facebook inbox every few days (We'll contact you via facebook)

You can also share our fanpage on other social networks, forums,...

Good luck!

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