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Solo Queue Tier List 

AD carry

This list is provisional and still under construction. If you want, you can leave feedback or placing suggestions below.

Miss Fortune, Draven, Graves
 Ezreal, Caitlyn, Twitch
 Varus, Corki, Tristana
 Vayne, Urgot, Ashe, Kennen
 Kog Maw, Sivir

What is an AD Carry?

In general AD carries are champions that are based off auto attacking  and deal most of their damage through their basic attacks.
Usually an AD carry takes the bottom lane, accompainied by a support champion. His main goal is to farm alot early to get his expensive items as soon as possible. The ad carry will dish out the most lategame damage.

A typical engame itembuild consists of Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Last Whisper, Blood Thirster and a defensive item like Warmog's Armor or Guardian Angel, but there are also alot of other good ways to build an ad carry.


How we rated them:

Before you continue reading, note that this is Solo Queue Tier List.
When playing solo queue you want to pick a champion that is least depending on the team and dishes out nice early damage to dominate the lane, get some kills and snowball.

Champions like Kog'Maw or Ashe, that are great picks for premade teams, are often no good descisions when you play solo. In solo queue teams are uncoordinated, for example they won't protect you as good as a communicating premade team and you can't count on having a good support by your side that knows your champions and understands your (own) playstyle.

AD Carry Picking Guide

Not a real AD carry pickung guide, but shows good and bad matchups for the most common AD carries.
(Right click + show graphic to enlarge)

by Spellsy


Prerelease changes
Kennen placed into Tier4


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