Tier List Support

Solo Queue Tier List 


Thresh, Leona, Blitzcrank
Janna, Sona, Lulu, Alistar
Zyra, Lux, Taric
Nunu, Kayle, Nami

What is a support?

A support is a champion who most times duo lanes bottom with a ranged AD carry who helps protect allied champions, zone enemy champions in the laning phase, or provides team utility later in the game.

These champions often get gold per 10 items to make their gold as they won't be taking any gold from killing minions, because their job while laning is to make sure their AD carry gets farmed.

The Support will be buying the most wards for the team and will often build some utility items like Shurelia's Reverie and Runic Bulwark.

How we rated them:

Before you start complain about it, take note that this is a Solo Queue Tier List.
That means champions who have much cc, early game power and gameturning spells like Leona or Blitzcrank are in Top-Tiers, but other good support champions like Soraka, who can be very strong too, but depend too much on the AD Carry are in Tier 5.

For example if you play Blitzcrank and grab an enemy, your AD Carry just have to follow you and do some hits and spells to get an easy kill. Furthermore, if they engage on your AD Carry you can CC and force them to back off.
Playing as Soraka requires much more skill of your lanemate, cause you can't either engage nor disengage without help of the AD carry and you have no carrying potencial lategame.

Support Picking Guide

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by Spellsy


Taric moved from Tier2 to Tier1
Lulu moved from Tier3 to Tier2
Nami moved from Tier3 to Tier4

Sona moved from Tier3 to Tier2
Lux moved from Tier4 to Tier3

Karma moved from Tier4 to Tier5

Nunu moved from Tier3 to Tier4

Karma temporarely removed
Thresh placed into Tier1
Taric moved from Tier1 to Tier3



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